I have bought a new laptop and when I try to install windows 7 in it , it gives me a error 0x80070017 help me please
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I am not able to access the following the links

I have already installed .. Read More
I have installed windows in one partition and have installed windows xp in another partition. I am not using the xp much these days so wanted to un install the windows xp from the system, so I wanted .. Read More
I have the below configuration in my system.
AMD FX 6100
MSI 970A-G46
Corsair 8GB DDR3 single chip
Couple of Seagate SATA HDDs.
First I had installed windows 7 32 bit and windows 8 in it and bo .. Read More
I have installed windows 8 in the system . When I start the system it uses to much ram and I don’t have any idea what is using it. The system is using 6Gb ram but the total ram used by all the proces .. Read More
I have 2 logins in my system. I try to login with my Daughters login , the desktop will come up in 2 to 3 seconds.
But I try to login with my User Login ( as Administrator) it takes 1 minute and 54 .. Read More
Hello everyone,
I have 1 TB WD external hard disk, but it is having very low transfer rate that is 2 to 3 mbps. Any ideas what should I do to increase the transfer rates.
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I have connected a WD passport to the USB 3.0 ports and the speed of the port is not good , that is it is giving the same speed of the USB 2.0.
First I had connected the drive and waited until the .. Read More
I was thinking that why should we use the the program safely remove the USD drive without pulling the drives , is it because if we pull the drive without removing it safely will it decrease the lifes .. Read More
I was just using the system and by mistake I had deleted some important files by using shift and delete.
I want to know if there is any software which I can use to recover the files complete .. Read More

Hello every body ,
I am thinking that I will but a 120 or 128 GB SSD, I want to know which is the best . I am thinking that I will by the Corsair force GT. But also I am looking for other options .. Read More
The configuration of my system is
Processor: i5 4570
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H
RAM: 2* 4 GB kingston 1600MHz
HDD: Seagate 500Gb
Graphic Card: GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB DDR5
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I have a Seagate external hard disk with having 2TB memory and which works with The USB 3.0 the model of the hard disk os SRD00F2. http://www.seagate.com/external-hard...on-hard-drive/

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Hello guys,
Recently I bought a Kingston SSDNow v100 128 GB SSD and installed it in the system. The internal Hard disk which is existing in the System is woking and it is fast.
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I want to know whether there are any security apps which are available out there. I want them to work even if the sim card is not there. And also all the softwares should work when the internet is sw .. Read More
I was using an application and it deleted all the contacts in android phone. I want to restore all the contacts in my phone which is deleted. But I am getting a notification saying that To many conta .. Read More
Hello everybody ,
I have a Samsung galacy pro which is having the configuration of 800Mhz ARMv6 processor, 280 MB ram, and 160 mb internal storage. The phone is running on 2.2 froyo by default but .. Read More
Hello everybody,
I am using a MTS livewire from past 2 months and form yesterday I had pressed the power button it didn’t give any response. Then I tried removing the battery and put it back then .. Read More
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I have a Lava IRIS 458q phone and the pantech burst.
I am searching for a application ith which I can download the videos from youtube from my phone. I wanted to know whether there is any applicati .. Read More