Hello everybody,
I wanted to know which is the best programming language for creating a website.
I want to create a site which is simple and attractive. It should not have no flash.
I want it to be compatible with all the browsers because I have seen some websites which are compatible with only some browsers.
Please suggest . If you some could give me an example of website. It will very helpful.
I am not able to understand what you are asking , but do you want to create only the front end or do you want to create the complete website with the cool looks.


  1. steve

    steve 121 days ago Permalink

    As I can understand by your question you want to code it by yourself , the option to do it is Html, Css , javascript.
    If you want to create a website you can start with a CMS you can use wordpress , drupal , joomla. They have huge themes which are very cool. And if you want to create something on your own then you can start developing a them with the help of some started themes