Hi ,
Can some tell me how are the sms sent to a mobile in Php. Like websites using for sending the forgotten password and bacnking transaction sms alert and other things.
I have researched on this and came to know we need the sms gateway of a carrier to be integrated to get all the carrier list. I have a Vodafone number and so googled on it but I have not found anything.
How to do way2sms.com or 160by2.com to integrate in the website.


  1. rohan

    rohan 127 days ago Permalink

    Me and my company was using the Twilio for quite some time. It is working perfectly and Its a webservice with a easy to install API and which is clean , which is easy to use. I think you can give a try to it. Here is the link of the website http://www.twilio.com/